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We're a web development & digital marketing company built for the next generation; breaking the barriers of creativity and traditional pricing.

We're one of the first creative agencies, ever, dedicated to saving you time and money through a groundbreaking all-in-one

web & digital marketing subscription, built around you - a Youniverse built around you





Unlimited website development, generous web allowance (i.e. plugins), & direct access to engineers.

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Advantages of our Web Design Service:

  • SEO Optimized content - Our SEO experts and advanced AI system work hand in glove to take the performance of your website onto the next level. We scrupulously peel through user interaction, outdo competitors with the insights from A/B testing, and do weekly ongoing optimization to make sure the visibility is at its best.
  • A website is never done, so spare yourself tons of time, money, and headache with our unlimited revisions and redesigns to ensure that your online presence keeps your business a success. We'll work on keeping your site current together—no fees.
  • Free professional Email: we will give you a free professional email to make your business stand out if you don't already have one.
  • Enterprise grade level security: Our AI-powered security proactively hunts and stops threats before they reach your site, delivering enterprise-grade protection.
  • We help your website stay compliant to applicable law: Secure your business with attorney-drafted legal policies, from privacy to cookies and many more. We'll keep them updated so you're always ahead of new laws.
  • Access to our next-gen builder: Get a dedicated login portal to enter the Younvierse builder and start making real-time changes to your website. We continuously update the builder to make your experience of editing your site more concise and efficient.
  • 24/7 Support & Updates: We proactively maintain your website with weekly technical and security updates. Get round-the-clock on-demand support when you need it.


Unlimited graphic design & direct access to designers.

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Advantages of our Graphic Design Service:

  • Unlimited requests for designs: we offer logo designs, business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, invitations, labels, posters, email headers, social ads, custom cards, photo collages, printables, planners, etc.
  • Direct access to our designers.
  • Complimentary Access to Canva where you can see what our designers are doing as well as creating whatever you want for business needs.

We don't just focus on creating a brand for you. We believe in establishing a strong and enduring connection with you. In the same way, you'll forge a meaningful and lasting relationship with your customers. This is where the true essence of ROI (rate of return) lies - the potential for your customers to provide an indefinite and continuous return.


Digital marketing & monthly online Google Ads - no cost to you.

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Advantages of our Digital Marketing Service:

  • Social Channels set up: We'll set up your social media accounts, including Google My Business, for greater online visibility
  • iTelligent Ads: Get targeted website traffic with expert ad management. We'll set up and optimize your Google and Meta Ads campaigns for maximum conversions, aiming for 150-250 quality clicks per month – at no extra cost to you. Our advanced AI analyzes user behavior to continuously refine your ads, eliminating wasteful clicks, competitor manipulation, and boosting conversions (only available to Beyond Essential Members).
  • Email/SMS marketing: Reach your customers with powerful email and SMS campaigns. We offer Mailerlite setup (Pro tier included) and training to unleash its full potential.
  • Canva access: we will give you access to Canva at no cost to you so you can work directly with our designers as well as create anything else you want for your business (only available to Beyond Essential members).


SEO & competitor analysis + brand/niche linking - no cost to you

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Advantages of our SEO Service:

  • By focusing on niche and brand links, we build a robust backlink profile that signals authority and relevance to search engines, ultimately enhancing your website's rankings and visibility. This is a very time-consuming process and therefore only available to Beyond Essential Members. Essential Members are able to request it at a discounted rate - still much more competitively priced than most marketing agencies which will set you back $500 - 1000+ per month.
  • SEO Optimizations: Our SEO experts and advanced AI system work hand-in-hand to elevate your website's performance applying thousands of code changes per month. We also target niche keywords instead of generalized ones which a lot of SEO companies do and is not quite as effective in real conversions for you. Lastly, we meticulously track user interactions, outsmart competitors with A/B testing insights, and deliver weekly ongoing optimizations for maximum visibility.
  • Competitor analysis with AI search: Our AI-powered analysis keeps tabs on your competitors. We track their website updates and identify new players in your market for a strategic edge.
  • Transparent reports and access to real-time analytics.


24/7 chat, & weekly video support

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Advantages of our 24/7 Support Service:

  • Youniverse Essential Members have 24/7 access to our support team via Slack
  • Youniverse Beyond Essential Members have direct access to our support team via Slack and access to our engineers & designers
  • Essential & Beyond Essential members have access to video calls once per week
  • Quarterly restaurant outings where we can connect with you in person and answer any questions/concerns you may have.


Unlimited print services & generous print allowance.

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Advantages of our Print Service:

  • Print services budget (Beyond Essential members only): You will have a generous allowance that will let you to print your products that your designers created. If you received the product and don't like it, you will have 1 revision per month at no extra cost. Subsequent revisions will be charged per our iTelligent design team's discretion.

AI Solution, Human Collaboration

We don't just build you a website and manage your marketing, we work alongside you and give you access to our proprietary AI driven platform, Youniverse, after we code your site.

youniverse builder portal

*In order to maintain competitive pricing and prevent our subscription costs from being visible to competitors, we do not publicly disclose our pricing model. Please contact us directly as we do prioritize transparency. Our team is committed to responding to your inquiry within 1 hour - regardless of business day. If for any reason we fail to meet this commitment within this time frame, your first month's subscription will be on us, irrespective of the tier you choose, whether it's Youniverse Essential or Beyond Essential.

youniverse builder portal

For you more independent and savvy people, we have an option for you too. Design your own website harnessing the power of iTelligent's AI.


The lead Line-up

Join us as a valued member, not just a client. Our skilled, fun, and creative team is ready to partner with you to unleash your business's full potential - the only requirement we ask of is: have fun while doing it.

Daniel Dreyfus

Daniel Dreyfus

Growth Marketing Lead

Matthias Hamm

Matthias Hamm

Dev/Network Engineering Lead

Jared Grace

Jared Grace

Software Engineering Lead

Ashley Rosenberger

Ashley Rosenberger

Digital Design Lead


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